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◉ More than 30 years of experience
◉ Personalized customer service
◉ Work is performed by Certified Orthotists and Pedorthists



◉ Home service by Certified Specialists
◉ Quick turn-around time
◉ Bi-lingual customer service
◉ Top brands orthopedic shoes



◉ Portal for sending referrals and updating patient status.
◉ Around the clock customer service eliminates the patient complains.
◉ Full range of orthotic devices for lower limb.
◉ Educational seminars provided to the doctors and their staff.



◉ 3D foot scanning to better design custom insoles
◉ In-office Gait Analysis Lab
◉ Portal for doctors and patients.

The Darel Medical Group LLC is a medical supply and orthotic lab. We are exclusive representatives of Edser Orthotic Labs, a leading manufacturer of orthotic products. Edser has been in the field for over 3 decades, crafting high-quality orthotic solutions based on prescriptions. The company invests in modern technology and boasts of a team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, who hand finish each prescription to perfection. Darel Medical mainly works with the custom insoles manufactured by Edser Orthotic Labs.

At Darel, we provide a range of services to help patients find the right orthotic solution for their needs. This includes

  • Evaluation of the patient
  • Designing of the orthosis or prosthesis
  • Fabricating the product
  • Fitting and alternations


With a large footwear selection, value-added solutions and best quality devices, Darel Medical is the best choice for patients.

We are always looking for new opportunities to help our patients and provide the best level of orthotic care and service.

All of our custom orthotics are made by hand and thoroughly inspected at each stage. It is not only the technologies at Darel Medical that help develop a superior product, it is the effort and commitment every team member puts in the final device – that is what sets us apart. Moreover, team commitment and coordination is a vital part of the clinic, and we strive to ensure the fastest lead times in this industry.

We can serve clients at home and offer a free gait analysis. Darel Medical only employs certified pedorthists and orthotists to ensure the best standards of care. We also have a doctor and patient portal to quickly check the status of work, such as product delivery and shipment.



Edserscann 3D

EdserScan 3D Light and Laser system create highly accurate digital 3D models of the plantar surface. Once the image has been generated, the data is transmitted to Edser Orthotic Labs for a prescribed ‘cast’ corrections that use exclusive CAD/CAM systems.


Orthotic diagnostic center

Edser Orthotic Labs has developed the first complete orthotic diagnostic center.The integrated system is built around true 3D scanning to create a digital cast for custom orthotic fabrication


Doctor and patient PORTAL

Darel Medical has designed a web-based application in order to provide an easy access to quickly check the status of work, such as product delivery and shipment. The portal has a comprehensive history of all the orthotics the clinic has fabricated for doctors and their patients.


Gait Analysis

Designed for both adults and children, Gait Analysis aims at examining the way a patient walks to identify any abnormal or irregular walking patterns to determine the optimal treatment options with orthopedic as well as neuromuscular disorders.



Edser has developed a system that provides the highest level of personalized service, allowing our lab to serve as your hands while maintaining the ease of outsourcing your orthotic needs. Completing the Orthotic Prescription is simple:

  • Choose Orthotic Style based on patient condition, activities and footwear
  • Choose Orthotic Shell Material, Top Cover, Modifications and Accommodations

Navigate our site to find the detailed description of Edser Labs’ technical protocols for each of our Orthotic Lines. Each line differs by fit and function. Below is an illustration of the shell grind for each orthotic style.


Versatility Orthotics
CASUAL LINE: A functional standard width shell style appropriate for the majority of daily activities and everyday shoe styles.

Technical Description:
12mm heel cup
Regular shell grind
Intrinsic forefoot post
Neutral extrinsic rearfoot post with EVA anti-slip heel strike plate
Full length
Marble black EVA top cover (Default)
Footwear: Most men’s and women’s walking, hiking, work boots, lace-up casual footwear and some slip-on footwear with a removable insert or moderate to high depth heel seat.

Optional Shell Materials:
Polypro: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Blue: 1.5mm, 2.0mm
Silver: 1.7mm, 2.1mm, 2.6mm
Graphite: 1.7mm, 2.1mm, 2.6mm
Matrix: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
EVA: Semi-Hard (SH) 34-40, Hard (H) 41-47, Very Hard (VH) 48-55,
Dual Density (DD) Fore and Midfoot 35, Rearfoot 55

Moda Orthotics
DRESS LINE: A functional slim shell style designed for low profile footwear.

Technical Description:
5mm heel cup
Narrow shell grind
Intrinsic forefoot and rearfoot post
Sulcus Length
Black leatherette top cover (Default)
Footwear: Most women’s slip-on and dress shoes with heel under 1 ½ in. Men’s loafers and low-volume dress shoes.

Dress Orthotic Options: For women’s pumps you can request an extra narrow grind as shown in the shell grind image and /or to have the cast modified to match heel height if over 1 ½ in.

Optional Shell Materials:
Polypro: 2mm, 3mm
Blue: 1.5mm, 2.0mm
Silver: 1.7mm, 2.1mm, 2.6mm
Graphite: 1.7mm, 2.1mm, 2.6mm
Matrix: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
EVA: Semi-Hard (SH) 34-40, Hard (H) 41-47, Very Hard (VH) 48-55,
Dual Density (DD) Fore and Midfoot 35, Rearfoot 55

Performance Orthotics
SPORT LINE: A functional full width shell style designed for maximum motion control in a wide array of athletic activities.

Technical Description:
15mm heel cup
Full width shell grind
Intrinsic forefoot post
Neutral extrinsic rearfoot post with EVA anti-slip heel strike plate
Full Length
3mm Black Neoprene top cover (Default) or automatic addition of 1.5mm PPT padding under EVAs and Leatherettes
EVA anti-slip 1.5mm forefoot bottom cover reinforcement
Footwear: Men’s, women’s and children’s tennis shoes and sport specific athletic shoes with removable manufacturer’s insole. If sport requires less bulky athletic shoe style such as soccer cleats, it is important to specify the type of sport in the Activities section of the Rx form.

Optional Shell Materials:
Polypro: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Blue: 1.5mm, 2.0mm
Silver: 1.7mm, 2.1mm, 2.6mm
Graphite: 1.7mm, 2.1mm, 2.6mm
Matrix: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
EVA: Semi-Hard (SH) 34-40, Hard (H) 41-47, Very Hard (VH) 48-55,
Dual Density (DD) Fore and Midfoot 35, Rearfoot 55

Functional shell styles typically used for children but available for any foot size.

Technical Description:
Full width shell grind
Intrinsic forefoot and rearfoot post
Met Head Length
Fire EVA top cover (Default Children)
Footwear: Men’s, women’s and children’s tennis shoes and sport specific athletic shoes with removable manufacturer’s insole.

Optional Shell Materials:
Polypropylene: 2mm, 3mm and 4mm
UCBL: A functional shell style designed for maximum control. Fabricated with a 25-30mm heel cup, medial and lateral flanges.

Gait Plates: A modified shell style cut to induce either in-toeing or out-toeing, Fabricated with a 15-20mm heel cup.

In-Toe: Designed to induce in toeing, cut proximal to the fifth metatarsal head and extended distal from the first metatarsal head to the sulcus of the first toe.

Out-Toe: Designed to induce out toeing, cut proximal to the first metatarsal head and extended distal from the fifth metatarsal head to the end of the fifth toe.

A full contact accommodative device designed for management of the diabetic foot.

Technical Description:
12mm heel cup
Full width shell grind
EVA anti-slip 1.5mm bottom cover for increased durability
Beige Plastazote top cover (Default)
Use: At risk diabetic foot and other conditions that cannot tolerate a rigid device such as arthritic and geriatric foot. Fits best in walking, athletic and extra depth footwear.

Optional Shell Materials:

EVA: EVA Soft Durometer 20-27 (S), Semi-Soft Durometer 30-38 (SS). If desired, diabetic orthotics can be fabricated in any of our six EVA densities by specifying in the Rx Form Additional Instructions.
Plastazote: Firm black Plastazote Durometer 40-45

Darel Medical has searched globally to find the widest range and best quality of orthotic materials. This variety of materials helps us cater to different practitioner preferences and patient needs. You can choose from extremely flexible to rigid materials to get the right level of biomechanical correction and accommodation for your orthotic prescription.

The materials include the following.


Polypropylene is thermo-adapted and can spring back easily to the original shape faster than copolymer plastics or polyethylene. It is considered the best for various functional orthotic shells.

It is available in thickness of 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm.


European blue has the highest proportion of genuine carbon fiber. Resilient and durable carbon fibers let this device maintain its shape, providing one of the thinnest shells appropriate for many lightweight patients.
It is available in thickness of 1.5 and 2 mm.


This composite material made of fiber and glass has two plain layers of weave and glass fabric. It also has an acrylic and silver resin core.

Silver will not weaken or break down with time, offering durability with a thin all-purpose shell. The material can be adjusted easily in the clinic with a heat gun.


It is available in thickness of 1.7, 2.1 and 2.6 mm.


Matrix is made of reinforced and durable polypropylene material from the composite thermoplastic family. Its shell provides more rigidity and mechanical performance than non-reinforced polypro. It is available in thickness of 2, 2.5 and 3 mm.


Also known as TL or Graphite shell, the composite material is fashioned from carbon-fiber thermoplastic. It is the lightest and thinnest material for providing greater functional control. The shell provides higher motion control and is less bulky than other materials.

It is available in thickness of 1.7, 2.1 and 2.6 mm.

blankEthylene Vinyl Acetate

EVA is a popular material for fabricating functional and accommodative foot orthoses. An advanced milling process is used to fabricate EVA orthotics and does not alter its properties to enhance orthotic durability.EVA orthotics are available in five individual densities and one combination density. The device can be worn easily with a variety of shoe styles.


Firm, black plastazote with a durometer of 40 to 45 is the industry standard for US orthotic when fabricating orthoses for diabetic patients


EVA Extra Cushioning
2mm: Solid Beige, Perforated Beige, Grey, Edser Tricolor,
Multicolor, Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Marble Blue,
Marble Black, Marble Green, Fire
3mm: Solid Beige, Edser Tricolor
Layer of PPT placed between orthotic shell and top cover:
• Beige 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3mm
• Salmon 2.5mm
• Blue 3.0mm
Leathers  blank
Brown Leatherette 1.3mm, Black Leatherette 1.3mm,
Stone Leatherette 0.9mm, Genuine Leather 1.8mm,
Black Microfiber 0.9mm
PPT + Blue Lycra 3.2mm, PPT + Microfiber 3.0mm
Due to durability, non-laminated PPT is available as a top
cover for less active DIABETIC PATIENTS ONLY in:
Beige 1.5mm, Beige 2.5mm, Salmon 2.5mm, Beige 3mm,
Blue 3.0mm
Black 1.5mm, Black 3.0mm, Blue 3.0mm
Beige 3.0mm, Blue 5.0mm

Shell Modifications

All shell modifications will be constructed out of the material selected for the base of the orthotic device unless otherwise indicated.

Morton's Extension


Extension sub 1st MPJ from distal edge of shell to distal end of orthosis.
Indications: Painful hallux limitus/rigidus, short first metatarsal with hallux limitus or pain on dorsiflexion

1st Ray Cut Out


Removal of orthotic shell beginning proximal to the first metatarsal base and angled to the lateral aspect of the first metatarsal head. Indications: Rigid plantar flexed 1st Ray, functional hallux limitus.undefined

Lateral Flange


Lateral side of the orthosis raised to encompass more of lateral arch.
Indications: Control lateral ankle instability for prevention of ankle sprains, support rigid rearfoot varus deformities such as clubfoot.

1st MPJ Cut-Out


Removal of orthotic shell under the first metatarsal head.
Indications: Forefoot valgus deformity, sesamoiditis, hallux limitus with dorsal osteophytic formation.

Medial Flange


Medial side of orthosis raised to reach near or above the navicular.
Indications: Control of severe pronation,accommodate conditions such as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

Fascial Groove


Canal shaped cut-out in shell material in area of medial plantar fascial ligament/flexor hallucis brevis.
Indications: Anatomically tight plantar fascia, severe plantar fasciitis.

Metatarsal Accommodations

Accommodations are made from various densities of EVA and PPT materials determined by our lab based on patient weight/condition and predetermined practitioner preferences.

Met Pad


Triangular dome shaped EVA pad placed proximal to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsal heads.
Indications: Metatarsalgia, dropped metatarsals, interdigital neuroma, hammer toes, hallux valgus, rigid/immobile forefoot.

Dancer's Pad


EVA forefoot extension starting at the base of the metatarsals and extending to sulcus with a cut-out located sub 1st MPJ.
Indications: Rigid plantarflexed 1st ray, sesamoiditis, fractured sesamoides.

Sub-Met Bar


EVA or PPT pad located in the forefoot area of the orthosis directly below the metatarsals, may include u-shaped cut-outs to offload specific met heads.
Indications: Forefoot callusing, reduced forefoot fat pad. Cut-out used for dropped or painful MPJ and sub-MPJ lesions, ulcers, calluses, corns or plantar warts.

Met Bar


EVA pad spanning from 1st to 5th metatarsals, beginning at shaft and extending to met head.
Indications: Metatarsalgia, reduced transverse arch, dropped metatarsals, forefoot callusing.

Pocket Met Heads


Hole in forefoot of orthosis sub-indicated- MPJ, filled with PPT or soft EVA.
Indications: Painful and persistent callus, corn or plantar wart, lesion or ulcer sub-MPJ.

Heel Accommodations

Heel Cushioning


PPT or very soft EVA pad placed in the entire area of the heel cup.
Indications: Heel pain, heel spur, reduced fibro-fatty pad, mild plantar fasciitis.



EVA pad with U-shaped cut-out in area of medial calcaneal tubercle
Indications: Centrally located bilateral heel spurs.

Heel Hole


Cavity in shell of device located at the insertion of the plantar fascia to calcaneus, can be filled with PPT or soft EVA upon request.
Indications: Plantar fasciitis, heel spur.

Other Accommodations

Morton's Extension Pad


EVA pad applied sub 1st MPJ from distal edge of shell to distal end of orthosis.
Indications: Hallux limitus, short first metatarsal in comparison to length of 4th/5th metatarsals, dorsiflexed 1st ray.

Toe Crest Pad


EVA or PPT pad placed in the area of the sulcus specific to foot anatomy.
Indications: Hammer or claw toes

Neuroma Pad


Small tear-drop shaped pad placed in the third metatarsal interspace, can be placed in alternative interspace upon request.
Indications: Morton’s Neuroma, interdigital neuroma

Darel Medical offers a variety of lower limb orthotics. These are external medical devices applied or attached to any lower limb to enhance function and movement by providing controlling motion and support, correcting deformities and lowering pain. Our objective is to offer you the most suitable lower limb orthosis to help improve functionality in your legs.

Ankle Foot Orthoses

The AFOs are used in the treatment of various neuromuscular disorders and diseases and help restore functionality following a surgery or an injury. These devices try to alleviate many problems associated with foot-to-ground placement that tend to affect heel contact and foot clearance. They also restore stability to your feet during both stance and swing phases of walking, compensating for weakness in thigh muscles.

Our orthotists will assess your condition and equip you with the most suitable ankle-foot orthosis. You may be fitted with any of the following AFOs depending on your condition:

  • Dynamic AFO
  • Static AFO
  • Foot Drop Splint,
  • Flexible AFO
  • Hinged Ankle AFO
  • Tubular AFO
  • Fixed AFO
  • Gauntlet AFO

Knee Orthoses

It is best to go for knee orthoses if you have joint contracture or tightness, knee instability, severe to the moderate medial collateral ligament, anterior cruciate ligament or lateral ligament instability. It is also suitable for ligament instability, knee osteoarthritis, and post-operative knee stability. Experts at Darel Medical will fit you with a suitable orthosis depending on your needs to help alleviate the pain so you can be active again.

Foot Orthoses

It is prescribed to people who have had fractures, injuries, or partial amputation. The device can also help correct, prevent and accommodate foot deformities as well as postoperative management. We offer you several options such as fracture boots, custom shoes and various shoe liners to help you restore functionality to the feet. Our experienced orthotists will walk you through the process, fitting you with the most appropriate orthosis depending on your condition.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses

These devices are used to treat disorders and diseases such as muscular weakness or imbalance, spinal cord injury, knee instability, knock knee, knee joint deformity, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, total knee replacement and trauma. They are designed to offer proper joint alignment and support to your feet, knees, and ankles, help with muscle weakness, while protecting your lower limb and foot. KAFOs are made of different materials from plastic to metal.

Darel Medical offers you both pre-designed and customized fabricated KAFOs to help you while walking and lower any discomfort. You can choose from a variety of KAFOs according to build and materials. Our experts will ensure you choose the device most suitable for your specific condition.

Ankle Supports

 They are designed mainly to improve ankle stability and relieve chronic ankle strains and sprains. Kinds of ankle support include rigid ankle orthosis, semi-rigid rigid orthoses, air or gel orthosis and customized ankle orthotics.

Life is too fast, beautiful and bustling to walk around with a low-quality, old cane or uncomfortable walker or crutches. Walk with more confidence with our stylish canes, walkers, and crutches. Darel Medical has a large selection of walkers, canes and crutches carefully selected and fashion-forward in order to satisfy the unique needs, styles and tastes of our customers. As innovation is at the heart of each of our product lines, you will get access to the latest styles and trends in our selection of canes and crutches with various options in grips, bases, tips, and clutches.

Walking Canes

A cane is less cumbersome or bulky and the easiest to handle amongst all mobility aids. It adequately and easily allows a person to achieve optimum balance; however, keep in mind it is not weight-bearing. For patients with serious balance deficit, usually, a quad cane is more suitable. Some common types of canes are the swan-neck, j-line, and collapsible. We offer canes with different handles such as T-handle, palm handle and curve handle.


Our crutches are designed to reduce the weight on extremities and are quite easy to manage, helping patients easily negotiate obstacles. However, compared to canes, crutches require a significantly greater amount of overall balance and upper body strength. Your physical condition, injury, and age will dictate the type of crutch prescribed to you. A majority of non-weight bearing patients often find the underarm crutch less tiring and more stable than other designs. We offer bariatric crutches, adult crutches, heavy duty crutches and specialty crutches.


Our walkers are designed to help patients with extreme balance deficits. They also help diminish the weight born on an affected extremity. A walker is a stable and relatively light-weight device with four legs. Walkers require the least coordination. Once a patient can improve his or her weight-bearing status, he can "graduate" to rolling walkers. We offer folding walkers, rolling walkers and knee walkers

If you are looking for a product that helps prevent ankle and foot injuries and also offers great support during exercising, you have come to the right place. Darel Medical Clinic is delighted to offer its patients Kinesio Socks.

An innovative and unique concept, Kinesio socks can promote quicker recovery and reduce the chances of ankle and foot injuries. By replicating the movement of an ankle and foot proprioceptive strap, Kinesio socks help achieve external support and balance without restricting your standard range of motion. It can help stabilize your feet and ankles and lower the risk of various injuries like plantar fasciitis, lateral ligament tears, tibial periostitis and Achilles tendinopathy.

Our unique Kinesio socks are made up of the finest fibers with different levels of tension similar to the popular "Kinesio Tape". Moreover, interior silicon bands lining the top of our socks anchor it neatly to the shank. These are two key features that combine to facilitate muscular contraction and a fluid circulation. This mechanically improves sports performance and promotes a sense of overall well-being.

There are several benefits of these socks including:

  • Better blood circulation
  • Dynamic support
  • Improved biomechanical posture
  • Prevention of injuries
  •  Reduction in recovery time
  • Enhancement of performance
  • Water resistant
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Easy to use

We offer four different kinds of kinesiology socks which are:

  1. Achilles support
  2. Tibial stress
  3. Ankle stabilizer
  4. Pronation control

blankAlthough we all love flip-flops, the minimal support offered by ordinary flip-flops is unhealthy and could be painful for your knees, feet, back, and hips.

Darel Medical has discovered the solution that can keep you happy and comfy with its true custom flip-flops to offer your feet the correction and support they need. If you have heel or ankle pain, experts at Darel Medical urge you to support your feet with our custom flip-flops right from the moment you get out of bed till you put your feet up at night. We offer orthotic sandals and custom flip-flops for plantar fasciitis in a variety of styles.

Our orthotic flip-flops are recommended with customized orthotics both in exercise and everyday shoes. Although we cannot deny that closed toed footwear offers the best support for your ankle and foot, our flip-flops offer a good alternative. Designed specially with your needs and style in mind, our flip-flops’ scientifically proven ankle and foot support lets you walk comfortably throughout the day without any pain.

Our groundbreaking technology can help you get back comfortably on your feet and you will be able to concentrate on your day rather than your excruciating pain.

The use of orthoses or orthotic insoles has increased in popularity over the last ten years. Many professional athletes like runners and skiers are fitted with sports orthotics. We know sports injuries usually involve musculoskeletal strain or trauma to the bones, joints, ligaments or tendons. Darel Medical has the primary goal of designing sports orthotics to improve the functionality of a vulnerable or injured body part and facilitate proper alignment by supporting the joints, back, muscles, tendons and limb ligaments.

Sports orthotics are recommended based on a diagnosis by a sports podiatrist, physiotherapist, orthopedic surgeon or chiropractor. There are two kinds of sports orthotics: pre-made and custom-made (prescription). Darel Medical specializes in custom-made orthotics. It is vital to choose a suitable orthotic that offers the support needed to stabilize how the body moves during various activities.


Leg and foot injuries are common in runners, plantar fasciitis, overpronation and arch pain being the most common. Runners require superior arch and heel support. That is why our orthotics for runners offer more shock absorption because modern running surfaces are pretty hard.

Soccer and Football Players

These players run a lot and experience similar injuries as most runners along with injuries triggered by swift maneuvering on the field. Achilles tendon strains and sprained ankles are quite common. Orthotics designed by Darel Medical has arch support and heel cup to improve stability while absorbing shock to reduce muscle strain.

Snowboarders and Skiers

Skiers often control and balance their ride by exerting weight on the edge of the feet. In case their feet are already overpronated, skiers often compensate by moving their knees, leading to knee injuries. And snowboarders usually shift their weight from the heels to the toes. Our orthotics offer complete contact to enhance performance. With great arch support and deep heel cup the devices lower the risk of injuries.

Benefits and Features

  • Designed carefully to fit in walking, running, basket and tennis shoes
  • Corrects fallen arches, overpronation, and flat feet
  • Made of sturdy and durable cushioning and plastic TPU shell
  • Forefoot padding and shock-absorbing heel
  • Orthotics can be easily trimmed with scissors for the perfect fit

Orthotics for children could be useful in situations where a kid experiences excess pronation or has flat feet. They can also help if your child experiences pains or aches, like knee pain (also called Osgood Schlatters) or heel pain.

Your goal is to provide your kid the best start in life. And our goal is to offer your kids the best insoles, specially designed for children! All Darel Medical products are carefully designed so that your kid feels more comfortable in his or her shoes. We provide a broad range of foot support and posture correcting solutions. The products are made to position your kid’s foot to develop better foot arch function and anatomically correct alignment.

We offer a variety of products including:

Sports Cushion Insoles

If you would like to make your kid’s sports shoes or cleats more comfortable, you require insoles designed to better cushion the foot impact. The addition of our gel or memory foam insoles can make any pair of uncomfortable sports shoes wearable and soft. Darel Medical’s sports combo is the most effective solution for children who need an extra cushion but not arch support.

Orthotic Comfort

If you are looking to make your kid’s sports shoes more flexible, comfortable and orthotic, this selection of insoles is perfect for you. These insoles offer your little ones additional arch support without causing foot pains or discomfort often associated with many arch support insoles available on the market. The insoles are made of a strong and soft material, which makes them truly comfortable and amazing! In case your active kid requires extra arch support, these insoles are tailor-made for them!

Slim Orthotic Insoles

If your goal is to guide your kid’s foot development, it is likely you will need a light-weight and slim orthotic insole. These shoe insoles are custom designed with mild or moderate arch support in mind. Our slim insole selection comes in a variety of sizes and features extra small sizes for toddlers. The slim insole is an ideal choice for children who require mild arch support.

Heel Pads and Heel Cups

If you would like to take excess pressure or stress off your kid’s heels and alleviate sensitive foot issues, Darel Medical also carries an extensive selection of heel pads and heel cups that can make your kid's shoes more comfortable.

Our heel cups and heel pads are superior as they deliver extra comfort while taking up little space. The latest versions of our heel pads feature stickier adhesive. This will help prevent the heel cushion from moving or sliding in your kid’s shoe.

All insoles we sell are tested to feel and work great! More importantly, our insoles can be easily trimmed to fit using household scissors. Darel Medical stands for superior quality. All our sports insoles come with memory foam and have micro-bead traction for better grip.

blankAdequate footwear is a vital element of any treatment program for individuals with diabetes; it is important even for patients in the early stages of this disease. In case there is evidence of lack of sensation or neuropathy, wearing the most suitable footwear is important. If you work with a footwear professional and physician, like a trained pedorthist, you can prevent severe diabetic foot complications.

Effective footwear for diabetics must achieve these objectives:

  1. Lower shock: You would like to absorb the minimum amount of shock into your foot in order to avoid vertical pressure and pain.
  2. Relieve excess pressure: Areas exposed to more pressure are more prone to diabetic foot ulcers.
  3. Limit mobility: Excess movement in the joints can cause inflammation, pain, and
  4. Stabilize deformities: Amputations, hammer toes and Charcot Foot require added support.

blankThe inserts and shoes provided by Darel Medical are made of breathable and soft materials, specially designed to cushion your feet while offering more support to your arch, ankle, and heel. Through the even distribution of body weight across your feet, our shoes can help prevent the development of blisters, painful pressure points, and sores. Moreover, the extra depth of the shoe allows more room for specialized foot orthoses.

We offer the following products.

Healing Shoes

Immediately after an ulcer treatment or surgery, a specific type of shoe is often necessary before a patient can wear regular shoes. Our healing shoes include heat-moldable shoes (with closed toes), custom sandals (with open toes), and post-operative shoes.

In-Depth Shoes

In-depth shoes are the most prescribed footwear. These are often athletic or oxford-type shoes with an extra ¼ inch to ½ inch of depth. This added depth throughout the shoes allows more volume to easily fit any needed orthoses or inserts, and deformities usually associated with diabetic feet. Our in-depth shoes are also lightweight, with shock-absorbing and durable soles that are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate any foot.

Inserts or Orthoses

An orthoses or insert is a removable and customized insole, which offers shock absorption and pressure relief. Darel Medical specializes in custom-made inserts or orthoses for diabetic patients, which includes specialized total contact orthoses. This is made from the patient’s foot model and provides more pressure relief and comfort.

If you are diabetic, the most crucial goal is to find a pair of shoes that fits well, is soft, and absorbs shock. Keep in mind that excess pressure and friction can cause blisters, calluses, and ulcers. Instead of merely looking for “the best size,” also take into account the roominess and shape of the toe box.

Darel Medical produces supportive and durable insoles to help relieve diabetic foot pain. So, whether you prefer wearing sneakers or loafers, or require insoles for the work shoes, you can always rely on us to deliver you the perfect custom fit insoles.


Lower Limb Orthotics

Lower limb orthotics are external medical devices applied or attached to any lower limb to enhance function and movement by providing controlling motion and support, correcting deformities and lowering pain.


Sport Orthotics

Sports orthotics is designed to improve the functionality of a vulnerable or injured body part and facilitate proper alignment by supporting the joints, back, muscles, tendons and limb ligaments.


Children Orthotics

Orthotics for children could be useful in situations where a kid experiences excess pronation or has flat feet. They can also help if your child experiences pains or aches, like knee or heel pain.


Walkers, Canes, and Crutches

Darel Medical has a large selection of walkers, canes and crutches carefully selected and fashion-forward in order to satisfy the unique needs, styles and tastes of our customers.

Feel the difference

Darel Medical strives to satisfy the highest standards when it comes to patient care and orthotic fabrication. Our primary goal and promise are to offer the finest and unrivaled service and patient care to bring changes and return you to your normal activities so you can enjoy life to the fullest.